We guarantee for all products in our offer, that they are original and high quality. Every product have its own guarantee from manufacturer, which varies with time. All products in store, and also in web shop are passed quality control. We do not bear responsibility for damage which is appeared with bad usage or keeping the product, improper handling or/and repairing from the buyer or third party.

Products for which we offer a warranty are in accordance with the law and guarantee specified by certain manufacturers and they have a warranty card. The right to use the guarantee is achieved by original receipt and warranty card. The buyer shall keep the warranty card and receipt. The date of inssuance of receipt is the beginning of the activation of guarantees. With the description of the product is the information on which period has been provided a guarantee for a certain product.

In the case of the issuance of warranty card which the manufacturer guarantees the safety of products during the specified time, the buyer may, if the product is defective, require that the product within a reasonable period correct; or the buyer can require a new, correct product, the same like defective instead of repair. If during the warranty period occurs a product defect, the same shall be submitted to an authorized service center listed in the warranty.

The right to use the guarantee is carried out exclusively by envisage the receipt. The buyer shall keep the warranty card and receipt. Malfunction of the product resulting from improper use and / or failure to comply with the instructions is not provided by the warranty. Service and sales of spare parts for the purchased product is provided by authorized service center listed in the warranty.




Prescription glasses are custom made for specific client. They are consistent with Regulations on the essential requirements, classification, registration of producers in the register, the registration of medical devices in the register of medicinal products and evaluating consistment of medical devices (NN no. 84/13).

Warranty period is starting from the day of buying. For prescription glasses and contact lenses warranty period depends on the guarantee of the manufacturer of the frame and prescription lenses (warranty period is one year), except for the model with discount or on sale.

Prescription glasses are medical product for special purpose, and they are made for individual client by his/hers prescription. Because of that you can’t cancel the order with them and we don’t return money for orders like that. If we determine that something’s wrong with the product like that after you got it, we will exchange it with the new one.
Guarantee is not admitting:
– if the product is damaged mechanically or chemically
– if the damage on product is result of improper handling
– if the repairs was doing unauthorized person
– if the client do not have a bill, or warranty sheet

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us by mail: or by the phone +385 1 3882 376.

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