When was the last time you checked your vision? Are your arms sometimes ‘short’? How much a day do you spend in front of the screen? How close is the screen you’re reading this on?

The importance of taking care of eye health in this modern, digital age is huge considering the amount of time we spend in front of different screens. Recent research by experts says that we spend an average of 3 hours a day on social networks alone, and where are the other digital contents we follow.

Accelerated pace and many worries sometimes keep us away from eye care, but procrastination can only make the situation worse.

In anticipation of World Sight Day, which we celebrate on 13/10/2022, we invite you to check your vision and do a diopter control and also choose the best for your eyes. On this occasion, we are giving you a 30% discount on a prescription frames with the purchase of eyeglass lenses in our optical stores.

Make your vision a priority and take care of your eyes on time.

*The offer lasts from 13/10/2022 until 22/10/2022. Discounts and offers are not cumulative and do not apply to Lindberg, Fendi and Dior prescription frames.